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Lucky Days Report

Viewing your Lucky Days Report is as easy as reading a calendar. The easy-to-read visual format allows you to view day-to-day movement as well as long-term trends. View demo.

What Is Your Luck Quotient?

Lucky Days CalendarYour Luck Quotient is a daily evaluation of your personal luck potential, represented as a number charted on a visual day-by-day graph. Your luck quotient is arrived at by calculating a number of different factors as described below:

  • The Luck Significator is one of the transiting planets which interacts with your natal chart and is probably the most important factor for determining your luck on a day-to-day basis. The Luck Significator moves from one planet to another at a time interval ranging from one to ten days. Read More >>
  • Positive or negative aspects formed by the Significator to your natal and progressed planets.
  • Positive or negative aspects in general formed by transits to your natal and progressed planets.
  • A weighted evaluation of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.
  • Other astronomical factors pertaining to luck.
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Lucky Days Solve The Mystery Of Luck

The phenomenon of lucky days helps to explain many of the seeming random and inexplicable properties of luck. Why do some people repeatedly come upon advantages or positive circumstances in life while others rarely seem to experience any luck at all? The answers uncovered by lucky days research may surprise you. Read More >>

Luck In The Media

Rivals for New York Casino Licenses Must Pay Millions to Play

April 1st, 2014

It will take a fortune just to open the doors of a full-scale casino resort in New York, starting with a $1 million nonrefundable application fee. Read More >>

Seeking to Ban Online Betting, G.O.P. Donor Tests Influence

March 28th, 2014

The casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s drive to outlaw online gambling has divided the gambling industry and has become a test of his clout in Washington. Read More >>


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